"Hello World!"

OK, I am finally getting around to managing a blog. I have done this in the past, a bit. Hopefully now I can get down to business. I now know what I want to be when I grow up. For years I have been focused on all sorts of areas of IT. All of those areas have touched upon cyber security, even from my humble beginnings in the 80s doing mainframe operations and telecommunications for USAF.

So here I am, finally getting my shit together and really focusing on Cyber. I have spent the last eight years getting certifications (Security+, CISSP, CEH and more) and will have my MS in Cyber and Information Security wrapped up a few weeks. I have been attending conferences like Blackhat, Defcon and B-Sides, mostly to network. In June I will go away to Cyber Warfare Operators course for four months for the USAF that will have many more follow on trainings. I have personally participated in a few Blue Team exercises to help sharpen my skills. When I return from my course in the fall I will try to move my career within my civilian organization to focus on more Cyber Architecture solutions for our customers, if given the opportunity.

My side studies have been focused on getting my groove back with Linux and programming. With a special focus on Python. Oh yeah, there is all this cloud shit too. It is not going away and is changing the shape of defense-in-depth. Organizations now have their data everywhere, internally, mobile and cloud.

So, what I will be tracking here is my progression to becoming a stronger and more focused in my Cyber profession, within my civilian and military careers.